About Us

We live in a much more open society today where the majority of people have ditched their sexual inhibitions and are more willing to embrace interesting and imaginative ways to make love. Online shopping, video channels, forums and so on, have helped to revolutionise sex in our modern world as we now have instant access to all we need to enjoy sexual experimentation.

At New Lovin, you can simply browse through endless tempting products, get to know more about what they are and how best to use them. You can also access guidelines on our products including before and aftercare and our collection of blogs and video clips. You can anonymously enjoy reading or writing your own product reviews to allow us all to share our experiences.

New Lovin presents a new platform to the adult market where we stock thousands of top quality products designed to bring that sought after sparkle into your love life. Our collection includes daring lingerie for both women and men and pleasure inducing toys and gadgets. So whatever shade of grey you're into. It's your time!

To all of you, from all of us at New Lovin - Thank you, and Happy Loving!